Uniting the Foursquare Family in Asia and the Pacific

In a desire to unite the Foursquare Family in the Asia-Pacific region, a founding consultation was initiated by Foursquare Missions International in 1979 in Hong Kong led by Dr. Leland B. Edwards, then serving as ICFG Director of Foreign Missions. the small group of leaders launched the Eastern Council of Foursquare Missions, later changed to Eastern Council of Foursquare Churches.  The founding member-nations were Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The Council was established "to provide for exchange of information such as leadership development, counsel and strategy; the coordination of evangelistic and missions strategy among member countries in relation to the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel; the encouragement of ministry among Foursquare fields in Asia and the Pacific, and the establishing of new ministries in the region."



               ECFC CHAIRMAN
               Dr. Leslie Keegel